SINUS SISTER is a freelance writer, not a full-time hypochondriac. She pitches stories to national news magazines, getting press passes to events above her station and beyond her wardrobe. When she’s not checking the pollen count, she’s writing book reviews and travel guides, the grunt work of her profession. That’s all just procrastination, however, as she pecks away at a long-overdue novel.

I, Sinus Sister, am on a mission to cure my hay fever. When acupuncture didn’t clear my nasal passages, I sought salvation elsewhere, in the blogosphere. This is the chronicle of my misadventures living with:

  • antihistamine jags
  • hateful cats
  • nasal spray addiction
  • electric heat

  • rebound meds
  • humidifier meltdowns
  • hay fever
  • homeopathic quacks

  • tissue shortages
  • defective air purifiers
  • germ phobias
  • ragweed
  • and the menace that is air conditioning.

There are lots of (alleged) sinus cures to be home tested. There are myths to be debunked.

Shake your fist at the sky with me, fellow sinus sufferers, as we seek solace and live to breathe another day.

Yours truly,

Sinus Sister