Cruel Summer: Stock Up for Hay Fever with the Personnelle “Summer Festivities” Tissue

August 14, 2013  |  Tissue Throwdown

Winner of the Coolest Tissue Box, Summer 2013: Personnelle “Summer Festivities” 3-ply, 65, ($1.79) at Jean Coutu.

Just when it seemed like nobody could top Kleenex’s ode to ice cream in 2011, or Scotties Supreme Peacock box of tissues, Sinus Sister found this psychedelic box on the shelves of Jean Coutu. It’s classy. It features flip-flops. It sparkles like the sun glinting off a rippling lake. If you have to reach for a tissue 25 times a day when Hay Fever hits, it should be this box.


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  1. Plus knowing this tissue box probably can’t be recycled really amps up the swank. 😉

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