Fisherman’s Friend with Benefits: The Losenge that Needs a Restraining Order

February 22, 2012  |  Drug Reviews  | 

Sucrets are From Mars, Fisherman’s Friend is from Venus

Wait a sec, as I pry a losenge off my molar. That can’t be good for the enamel. My hacking cough hasn’t stopped, but my dependence on big, sugary losenges must come to an end. It’s time to graduate to a more adult solution—one that isn’t candy in disguise. (I’m talking to you, Cherry Sucrets!)

Emboldened by maturity, I reach for a pack of Fisherman’s Friend. Tearing open the package, I nearly spill the contents. Open with care. Looking at the package again, I catch site of the word “menthol”, but it doesn’t make much impact. Menthol, schmenthol.

People talk about Fisherman’s Friends being strong , so I’m ready—or, as ready as you can be for a turbo-powered menthol kick to your respiratory system. FIRE IN THE HOLE. In full panic mode, my tongue plays hot potato with the losenge, which cannot be confused with its less lethal competitors. Will someone get this losenge a restraining order? Once the panic ends (two long minutes), I make peace with the Fisherman’s Friend and let it do its thing….Hmm. The cough eases up within five minutes and the losenge doesn’t become a carbuncle on my molar. It was a Fisherman’s Friend…with benefits.


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  1. Well, After a great package to contain my fishermans friend lozenges, they have switched to a new pack. Not only is it extremely hard to open, but now the plastic tears if you don’t do it right and there they are, all over the floor. Real fun in a car, especially driving at the same time. Now you must stop to play with the stupid package. Then they added an inner liner, which of course is surrounded by the plastic outer. That liner has a zip lock. It’s real easy to see the two pieces to separate them, NOT. What a piece of UTTER CRAP. So I go to their website to air my opinion. Guess what, no email address, just a contact us button. I like gmail so guess what? Unless I change my email program to default settings for Microsoft Outlook, I can’t even email them. If they continue using this package, I, for one will just stop buying them. Does no one ever try the new idea before they put it out there? Idiots.

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