Nature’s Dynamite for Stuffy Noses: Nasodren Review

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Rating: ★★★★½ 

Spray and pray. That’s the cycle. My unreconstructed addiction to nasal sprays is a choice. I choose to risk the rebound effect, rather then breathe through my mouth like a knuckle dragger. Go ahead and tell me I have a problem. Just try it. This little addiction harms nobody, except me, when I get a bad batch and end up with boomerang blockage.

“It’s worth the risk,” I said, grabbing a reviewer’s sample of Nasodren. Immediately, I liked it because the packaging has braille. Blind people have bad sinuses, and every other condition, too. Next, I like the way the web site tells me things in laymen’s terms:

  • Nasodren® is a natural product that does not contain hormones or preservatives (whatever)
  • Nasodren® is a lyophilized natural extract of cyclamen europaeum L (okay, I can look that up)
  • Nasodren® has only a local effect, which means it is not absorbed into the blood stream and does not cause residual irritation of the mucous membranes (low boomerang risk)
    Okay, so it won’t corrode my sinuses. According to Google, cyclamen europaeum L is a much-loved hippie herb used for what they used to call “women’s troubles” and an assortment of mucous issues. That’s me! The spray requires some assembly, which isn’t a problem so much as it’s a problem when my nose is dripping—onto the  instructions. But the assembly is easy and quick—mixing water with the powdered herb—so I’m not terribly annoyed. As directed, I resist the urge to throw my head back and sniff while activating the pump. Instead, I keep the drama low and limit myself to one squirt per nostril….And that’s enough! It triggered a series of violent sneezes… then some urgent nose-blowing, following by….inhale…AIR FLOW. There was no discernible boomerang blockage after a few days use and no nasty taste in my mouth, like some sprays. Nasodren is a keeper. More specifically, it’s a keeper-in-the-fridge, where it needs to be stored. I guess I won’t be hoarding it my purse, after all, for guilty squirts in back alleys.


  1. Cereal Carbaholic

    Once a day? Really?

  2. Sinus Sister, is this available in Canada?

    I notice you didn’t include the price…is it expensive?

    • HI Single-Daddio!
      Sadly, it’s not in Canada or the US yet, but if you’re in Europe, you can get it at pharmacies (without a prescription–or a “script”, as medical professionals say) for 25 Euros.

  3. I have been researching this product for months; I have been reluctant to try it. Being that there our not distributors in the states buying the product is an issue and also I am several medications for depression.

    I would LOVE to be rid of these headaches ( breathing has not been a problem for me just the headaches and ear pain.)

    Please give us more info on where to get the product.

    • HI Shirley!
      Are you planning a trip to Europe anytime soon? That’s where you can get it, at a pharmacy for 25 Euros….I know, that’s a long way to go…but I have many European readers who wanted a review. Sorry to hear about your headaches. So, you think they’re sinus related? That’s often the case!!! Tell me what other sprays you’ve tried….

  4. Hi,

    I am in the UK where it is not available yet. I suffer from chronic sinusitis and had 3 sinus ops to remove polyps also. I am at the end of my tether as sudafed et al dont really have an effect. Neither does flixonase. I do used steroid tablets for relief every so often but it is not good to be on them all the time. So… as desperate as I am getting now I found this stuff. Ordered it online from Germany. I hope it comes!! And does wonders…

    • Rob, I’m sooooo sorry to hear about your chronic sinus misery. Please don’t get too discouraged. (kiss) Did one of your 3 sinus operations involve the sinus balloon technique that is becoming popular in North America? Will you let me know, when the product arrives from Germany, if it offered you any relief? People react quite differently to “natural” remedies, just as they react differently to prescription meds. The problem with O.T.C. pills like Sudafed is they apparently chew up your liver. (No doubt, their lawyers will be setting me straight within a few days). I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but did you do a “clean sweep” to kill off all the dust mites in your house, then keep up the cleaning regime? It’s making a difference for me, after years of dismissing the suggestion, as if someone advised me to put a Band-Aid on a sucking chest wound. LET ME KNOW WHAT HAPPENS PLEASE!

    • Rob – Not available in UK ?? Its made there by Hartingon Pharma, 1 Northumberland Ave, Traf Sq, Lond WC2N 5BW

      Guess if you have your German supply now, you have already found that out.

  5. I know this probably isn’t much help to US consumers but Nasodren is available in Australia too. Maybe you can buy it online through or

  6. Nasodern – You have to mix a tiny amount of the powder with a liquid (water?)
    There is no preservative used so it must be:
    1. Kept in fridge and
    2. Thrown out (if used or not) after 16 days of mixing.

    That info is only inside the box !

    So, if just a few doses keeps you clear for a fortnight then having to throw it out at 16 days, makes each dose expensive but if its all used over the 16 days it makes it about $2.50 a dose.

  7. Hi,
    Is this product approved for use in children? I have a six yr. old girl who was hospitalized a month ago with severe maxillary sinusitis. We are in USA- Memphis area. After a long and high dose treatment with amoxicillin, a CT shows little to no air in her mucous-filled ethmoid and maxillary sinuses. Now, she is scheduled for endoscopic surgery in a month. She is my world and I have to believe something on this planet will help! I just ordered Nasodren from Australia. She deserves whatever will safely help.

    • Hello Angie,

      Nasodren acts activating the physiological defense mechanisms of the upper airways (increased mucus secretion, greater ciliary cleansing activity and increased arterial blood flow) that are impaired during rhinosinusitis. Nasodren stimulates the trigeminal nerve endings of the nasal mucosa, which leads to a seromucus discharge, reduction of the inflammation of the mucosa and opening of the sinuses passages (ostiums) and therefore cleaning sinuses and nasal cavity. This specific mechanism of action may cause some effects like burning sensation, sneezing or itching, which are manifestations of the positive response to the product. These effects usually diminish during the course of treatment.

      Nasodren is indicated for use in children older than 5 years. However, if the above-mentioned effects appear, it is normally difficult to make a 6 years old girl understand the benefits she will get from that and, consequently, both, parents and children, spend unpleasant moments.

      Nasodren is a safety product since it exerts its action locally and it is no absorbed, so does not reach the bloodstream.

      It is important to avoid using decongestants jointly with Nasodren as it results on lack of efficacy.

      Please contact us again if you need further information or clarification.

      We wish all the best to your girl and her family

      Best Regards,

    • Natalia,
      Thanks for a quick response filled with so much information. I will keep you posted with the outcome after treatment. I’m hoping we can cancel her surgery which would be far more uncomfortable than the sneezing/burning sensation that might accompany treatment with Nasoderm.

      Thanks again,

  8. Good moorning readers,

    Due to the comments I’d like to share a updated information with the readers about Nasodren in order to avoid confusion:

    Where patient can buy Nasodren now?

    In pharmacy:

    Australia, Austria, Georgia, Belorussia, Belgium, Colombia (in one month), Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Ukraine.
    Reference information about our distributors you can find on Nasodren webpage:
    Local pharmacies in listed above countries can sell Nasodren locally through Internet.

    In Internet:

    This service is not available yet due to different legal requirements for Internet sales in different countries. We are going through this process and hopefully this possibility will be available in 2013. You can check if Internet sales are available in your country through our web site:

    Where patient can buy Nasodren in nearest future?

    At the moment we’ve started to handle all the FDA procedures to make Nasodren available in the USA and we expect that it will be on sale in the beginning of 2013. But bearing in mind that we are dealing with authorities, we cant be 100% sure that it will happen exactly during that period.

    Expected Launches:

    Autumn 2012: France, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, and Switzerland.

    Autumn 2013: Nordic countries, Portugal, Spain and Poland.

    2014: Hungry and Turkey

    Thank you very much for your interest and to follow SinusSister.

    Natalia Florez
    Communication & PR officer

  9. Janet Day one and two

    Hi, I live in the UK and have just bought Nasodren over the internet from Germany, only 3 days to get here. Have only used it twice so far but what a difference a day makes.

    After having started new year’s day with a bad cold, I have had blocked sinuses since (never had this problem before so I know it’s not allergies). After 3 lots of antibioctics, an unsympathetic doctor who shrugs his shoulder and tells you to deal with it, I was finally desperate and bought Nasodren after trawling through internet for some kind of relief.

    The first application can be quite daunting. After following the simple video instruction I applied the first dose. After several sneezes, dripping nose and watering eyes I couldn’t believe the relief, no heavy head, quite breathable nose. Just had a second dose, not as horrific as the first one (recommend you do it at night before bed) it does seem to be relieving it. I will keep you posted how I get on, feel quite happy with it at the moment. I know it’s not an instant cure but I do feel that something is happening which I haven’t felt in weeks. Certainly my head does not feel as heavy, nose still half blocked but at least I can breathe a little easier at night.

  10. Now on day 4, having a bad day today, sinuses seem to be really full and sorry for the description but full of green mucus.

    The Nasodren does work at night for me and finally I can manage to breathe at night, but having to keep it to one application a day makes the next morning painful. It feels as though the application works for approximately 8 hours but then it all comes back during the day.

    I will persevere because I do get some relief and I feel I must complete the course to see if it worth the extra cost. I think maybe I need something extra to see me through the day but I’m reluctant to try anything else with it in case of interaction.

    The application still gives you the sneezes and runny nose but certainly not as dramatic as the first time.

    • Dear Janet

      It seems that your rhinosinusitis is quite severe since most of rhinosinusitis patients using Nasodren feel relief of symptoms as facial pain by the second day of application and normally mucopurulent secretions stop after the 4th day. We recommend you to use Nasodren daily during 7 to 10 days (up to 14 if needed).

      Even if you used Nasodren more than once a day but you wouldn’t feel more relief, as mucus need around 24h to be synthesized.

      In case you do not feel completely relieved after you finish treatment, I recommend you visit your ENT specialist to assess the presence of nasal polyps that may block the opening of the sinuses and the nasal passage impeding complete mucus drainage. Other anatomical malformations can produce similar results.

      Do not hesitate to contact again should you need further explanation.

  11. Be careful people! I’m an Italian ENT doctor, I have prescribed several time Nasodren spray (this was the name in Italy) but now is in Italy is not more available because some bad side effects: very very very careful to use if you suffer of asthma or allergy to some plants, careful if you suffer of angioneurotic edema, some drops of the medicine could fall down in the throat and cause serious problem if you have hyper sensibility problems, I tried the spray on my self and I was surprised for the incredible nose reaction, it really free the nose and the sinuses but the reaction is too strong in my opinion and should be used under medical supervision… Finally people this spray is not a toy and in Italy we have a very severe rules on medical treatment and I’m sure some patients had very bed side effects with this spray!! Sorry for my English :-)

    • Dear Readers,

      Nasodren has only a local effect, which means it is not absorbed into the blood stream, so, unlike antibiotics, corticoids and other products used to treat rhinosinusitis, Nasodren does not have systemic side effects (i.e. does not reach the liver, the kidneys or any other organs). Nasodren doesn’t cause residual irritation of the mucous membranes and doesn’t produce morphological changes of the nasal and sinuses mucosa.

      It is well known, that foods, plants, animals, drugs, medical devices, etc. can occasionally, produce an allergic reactions. Although it is infrequent, some persons can develop allergy to Primulaceae, the family of plants to which Cyclamen europaeum (Nasodren active ingredient) belongs to. Normally it has no serious consequences. Unfortunately, it cannot be foreseen when it will occur. If it happens, it is advisable to visit the allergist to confirm the diagnosis.

      More than 35 clinical trials – comparing Nasodren to placebo and to standard rhinosinusitis treatments – have been conducted all around the world, including more than 2,000 patients. These trials have shown that Nasodren is effective, safe and improves dramatically the Quality of Life of rhinosinusitis patients, either use alone or combined with other treatments. Recently one study conducted in Germany and another conducted in USA, both showing excellent results with Nasodren in efficacy and safety, has been accepted for its publication in the 2 top medical (ENT) journals: Rhinology and Laryngoscope.

      Nasodren is a natural extract (Cyclamen europaeum) that helps the organism to clean and drain mucus in a natural way stimulating the physiological mechanisms counteracted by rhinosinusitis.

      Nasodren acts physiologically, stimulating the terminal endings of the trigeminal nerve in the nasal mucosa. This specific mechanism of action can produce some itching, sneezing, brief sensation of mild to moderate burning sensation in the nasopharynx and more rarely, a brief lacrimation and flushing of the face. These are manifestations of the positive response to the product. All these effects usually diminish during the course of treatment.

      Nasodren was marketed first in 2001 and it is currently available in countries worldwide and about 2 million rhinosinusitis sufferers have benefit from treatment of Nasodren. No serious adverse events have been reported in any country along these years. In any case Nasodren is not available in Italy because its “bad effects” but due to commercial reasons (discrepancies between Hartington and its italian partner).

      So, it can be clearly conclude, that when used as described in the product information leaflet, Nasodren is an extremely efficient and safe product for the treatment of rhinosinusitis symptoms.

      Thank you!

  12. I have now completed the 14 day of Nasodren. While it is effective at night I felt I needed more. There have been no side effects with it whatsoever. Sadly I’ve had to revert to the steriod nasal sprays which I have tried to avoid. Thankfully it does give me the relief I need but I really don’t want to keep taking them.

    I’ve had this sinus trouble for 3 months and reluctantly I am going to have to see my doctor and be referred to a specialist. I had hoped by now it might have cleared but no luck.

    While I would recommend the Nasodren, for me to get it from Germany it did prove rather expensive compared to the normal steroid sprays which are relatively cheap. Hopefully I will never get this again, I’ve never suffered before in 50 years.

    Thanks for all the advice.


    • Dear Janet

      In view that after 14 days of treatment you have only improved partially, I do recommend you to visit your ENT specialist. If you get relief from the use of steroids nasal sprays, you might have polyps. I this case, patients get relief from the use of nasal steroids (which shrinks the polyps) combined with Nasodren (improves ciliary cleansing activity and increases mucus secretion).

      Thank you for your truly opinion


  13. Hi,does anyone know where I can buy this in the UK-What pharmacies stock it?Thanks

  14. Hi,

    Can I use a saline spray during the day in between Nasodren doses.



    • Hello Tom,

      Thank you for your question.

      Saline solutions clean and moisten the nasal passages but, contrarily to Nasodren, do not have effect on the paranasal sinuses that is where mucus accumulate in case of sinusitis.

      Nasodren can be used both in monotherapy and in combination with other products or drugs used to treat sinusitis: decongestants, steroids, antibiotics, saline solution etc. According to the results of a clinical study recently published in The Laryngoscope (journal of the American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society) Nasodren in monotherapy is more effective in terms of cure rate than other monotherapies and combination therapies and the addition of Nasodren to other monotherapy or to two-drug combination showed significant improvement in the cure rate.

      In case of use of Nasodren in combination with decongestants (there is no need for that) at least 2 hours should be left between the administrations of both products, otherwise decongestants may reduce the efficacy of Nasodren.

      Although, according to clinical trials and clinical practice most of the sinusitis patients using Nasodren are relieved by the 3rd day of treatment, the recommended treatment course of Nasodren is 7 -10 days, up to 14 if needed, regardless if the patient suffers acute sinusitis or an exacerbation of chronic sinusitis. In the event that after 14 days of treatment the patient does not see improvement, we recommend visiting the ENT specialist to check if there is a cause of mucus not being drained from the paranasal sinuses (e.g. the presence of huge polyps).

      If a second treatment is necessary this should be initiated 7-10 days after completion of the previous course.

      All the best,

  15. As you know chronic rhinosinusitis is a chronic disease. Why can’t we use Nasodren more than 14 days. What if the symptoms only improve while on the medicine and recur after it is stopped? What harm if continued on the medicine indefinitely?

  16. Dear Karim,
    According to clinical trials and clinical practice most of the sinusitis patients using Nasodren are symptomatic relieved by the 3rd day of treatment, but the recommended treatment course of Nasodren is 7 -10 days, up to 14 if needed, regardless of if the patient suffers acute sinusitis or an exacerbation of chronic sinusitis. In the event that after 14 days of treatment the patient does not see improvement, we recommend visiting the ENT specialist to check if there is a cause of mucus not being drained from the paranasal sinuses (e.g. the presence of huge polyps).
    Although Nasodren is a vey safe product as it is not absorbed and therefore does not reach the bloodstream, if a second treatment is necessary this should be initiated 7-10 days after completion of the previous course.
    Best Regards

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