Strange Brew: Top 3 Teas to Calm Hay Fever and Allergies

Sinus Sister makes a cuppa

Meet Kevin Gascoyne, one of the owners and tea masters at Camellia Sinensis tea house in Montreal. Kevin took pity on Sinus Sister’s serial sneezing and suggested three top teas. First, he shared with Sinus Sister his theory about tissues.

“I’m a cloth hankie guy, all the way” said Kevin. “I have a theory that tissues make you sneeze. Have you ever taken out a tissue from the box against the light and seen all the dust fly? It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy—you sneeze, you take a tissue, you sneeze again. Think of all the dust collecting in your house and the chemicals from the lotions they add!” Good point, Kevin.

 Camellia Sinensis’s Top 3 Teas for Sneezers:




Pu Er Tea: is an aged tea from the Yunnan region of south west China, where it’s known for its power to realign the body’s energy and settle the digestive system. Sure. Whatever. For sneezers, it’s a front-line preventative tea because it has a curative effect on the liver, therefore naturally increasing our defenses. Amen.

La Nouricierre (The Nurse): is a special house blend (read: you can only get it here) that stimulates the antihistamine powers of the adrenal gland, via nettle, mint, cornflower and pansy, the main herbs in the tea’s blend.

Ange Guardien (Guardian Angel): is another special house blend, sold exclusively here, but this one has decongestant properties that sooth the respiratory system, via echinacea, thyme, goldenrod and balsam fir.

Steep all the teas for at least 5 to 10 minutes, or you’re wasting your time. No “dunk and drink”, please.


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