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Common Cold Remedy from Mila Kunis: Fish Oil & Vodka?

Mila Kunis is the spoonful of sugar that makes her cold remedy go down. Only a ravishing starlet like Kunis could get anyone to try her health potion. She recently ladled it into ailing writer Michael Idov while he interviewed her for a GQ article.
“This will kill everything”, said Kunis, boiling up some water—the first step of her recipe:

Mila’s Germ-Killing Tonic:

To a saucepan of boiling water, add Cabernet, an avalanche of green-tea powder (“It’s vitamins!”), two gelcaps of fish oil (“What’s the difference? It’s all going to end up liquefied and syrupy”), apple-cider vinegar (“‘Cause that’s just always good for you”), and Ayurvedic chai. She finishes with a generous splash of vodka. Okay, two generous splashes. Hold your nose and drink.

How’s them apples? Hay Fever and Sinus pain eased by Apple Cider Vinegar

October 11, 2011  |  Survival Tips  |  ,  |  10 Comments

Sinus Sister swallows, hard

There’s only so long you can ignore folk remedies. Eventually, something in your logical mind surrenders. Generations of peasants with sinus problems can’t be wrong…right? Once your tolerance for pain dips below your level of victimhood, it’s time to try a cure from the annals of age-old quackery.

But apple cider vinegar? Come on. I can’t drink that stuff. Tired of my moaning, Handsome Manling produced a bottle of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (946 ml, $5.99). He’d heard me mocking it, halfheartedly, as a sinus cure. Okay, okay. I promised to give it a try.

Since drinking vinegar straight wasn’t an option, and drinking it cold was equally unpalatable, I concocted a Sinus Sister Original Recipe:

Apple Cider Vinegar Cure

Boil one cup of filtered tap water. Put four or five slices of fresh ginger in the bottom of a mug, with a 1/2 teaspoon of honey. Pour in boiling water and add 3 tablespoons (No cheating. Use the 3 full tablespoons, not teaspoons) of apple cider vinegar. Any brand of vinegar will do. Bragg’s is organic and raw, which sounds like an advantage. Spectrum Naturals also sells a raw, organic apple cider vinegar, filtered or unfiltered, as does Eden Organic. Heinz, too, but it doesn’t claim to be raw, organic or unfiltered. Thus, the lower price. Hold the mug under your nose for a few minutes, letting the steam rise. Then drink continuously—don’t sip all afternoon. Finish the entire mug, then drink another mug in half an hour.

It worked for Sinus Sister, who also applied hot compress to her aching sinuses. Within an hour, the pain was gone. Generations of peasants, it turns out, were correct.