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Illness Etiquette: Get Some, When You Feel a Cold Coming

November 15, 2011  |  News, Survival Tips  |  ,  |  4 Comments

 Honestly, we won’t be offended. Cancel your business presentation. Call off your dinner party. Be a “no show” at a baby shower. It’s okay. When we hear the rattle in your lungs, we’ll be glad you stayed home. Yesterday, the Globe & Mail published an article about illness in the workplace, by Wency Leung, who is now an honorary Sinus Sister. Wency talked to the experts and coughed up this valuable piece of information:

In general, after the first 48 hours, people’s immune systems kick in but they could continue to spread illness for four to five days, says Bhagirath Singh, director of the centre for human immunology the University of Western Ontario. Regardless, they may not feel topnotch for a while. Typically, a common cold can last around seven days, while the effects of some flu viruses can last several weeks, Dr. Singh says. “Obviously you will still be feeling miserable and terrible, but you won’t be contagious.



Allergy Sister in the Globe & Mail

August 11, 2011  |  News  |  ,  |  No Comments

Sinus Sister finds a kindred spirit in The Globe & Mail. Meet Chantal Wiebe, who wrote a funny article about the misery of her allergies. She has the balls to complain about waiting five months (!) to get an appointment with a specialist, who suggested perscription medication.

The moment felt like a conversion, believing that I could exchange my suffering for the pharmaceutical promised land. Akin to Moses of the Bible, my 10 commandments of prescriptions were the laws to govern an unruly and difficult group of symptoms. In my naiveté, for the two years prior, I had treated these symptoms (runny nose, sinus congestion and watery, itchy eyes) with cold medications. The heretic suggestion of seasonal allergies had never entered my thinking. Allergies may have existed in the worlds of other people, but they weren’t in mine.