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Welcome, Brandon Dubinsky: A New York Ranger Joins the Sinus Sufferers

March 9, 2012  |  Celebrity Sinuses  |  , ,  |  2 Comments

We needed a hockey player—especially a center who can take a punch.

Brandon Dubinsky’s is on the bench with sinus pressure stemming from a few blows he sustained in a fight with the Devils’ Ryan Carter.

“I’m OK. I took it in the nose pretty good,” he said to Newsday. “The issue is the [sinus] pressure. The flight here was OK. It affects me more when I’m sleeping, lying down.

Brandon, welcome to the Sleep Sitting Up Club. I’d shake your hand, but we don’t shake hands. (See germ posts). Sinus Sister hasn’t slept flat on her back in years. Other things she does on her back notwithstanding. Here are a few tips from the Club.

1. Move the clock radio out of your new sight line. You will stare at it.

2. If a hotel has thin pillows, use a sofa cushion, wrapped in a towel.

3. Drink a steaming cup of tea or broth in bed.

4. Ease the sinus pressure with a hot compress. If you can’t sleep, get up and re-heat the compress a few times.

5. Ask your Puck Bunny to do #4 when she’s done watching Jersey Shore.*

*Sinus Sister doesn’t know if Dubinsky has a Puck Bunny or an actual wife. If he does, she may not watch Jersey Shore, but I bet she has a long ponytail and lots of baseball hats.