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Does the Claritin Pollen App work?

September 5, 2011  |  Survival Tips  |  ,  |  No Comments

Sinus Sister wishes she had an iPhone

Pollen indexes of any kind remind me of the Jack Nicholson line in As Good as It Gets: “I’m drowning here, and you’re describing the water!” Still, I believe it’s better to know when a storm of pollen is approaching and it’s time to head indoors with a good book.

Does the Claritin Pollen Alert app work? Sinus Sister can’t tell you because she doesn’t have an iPhone. Not yet…But I can tell you Pollen Alert is free (score!) and it has some nifty features:

• Fully bilingual: French and English versions included
• Get current pollen and spore index for 30 Canadian cities
• View the top 3 predominant pollens
• Manually select your city or use GPS to determine your location
• Includes current and 3-Day Weather Forecast

Alas, I’ll have to make due with the Claritin Pollen Report, on their web site. Let’s see…it tells me that today in Montreal, there is a low-to-moderate pollen count (Correct, according to my nose). It tells me that juniper and cypress trees that are giving me grief. Pass the chainsaw. Let’s see what’s happening Out West…In Vancouver, my friend Paul is suffering through a very high pollen count, thanks to the elm and alder tree pollen. He isn’t home right now to concur or contradict. According to Pollen Report, those lucky buggers in Halifax have little reason to sneeze.

Fellow sneezers, tell me what you think of this app. The three reviews on iTunes are wildly uneven.

Does the REACTINE Allergy Forecast work?

August 19, 2011  |  News  |  , , ,  |  2 Comments

Sinus Sister finally wants an iPhone

Launched this week, the REACTINE® Allergy Forecast for iPhone®, is the first and only iPhone app in Canada that provides three-day allergy and weather forecasts.

Brilliant–if it works. Theoretically, sneezers can plan ahead, knowing when allergy symptoms are likely to be at their best and worst. This app could be an excellent tool to schedule visits to the cinema. If you desperately want to see the new documentary Senna about Formula One race-car driver Ayrton Senna da Silva, or The Help, about the casual cruelty inflicted on black maids in the 1960s, you can plan your week around upcoming pollen outbreaks. If you need an excuse to get out of mowing the lawn, voila. If there’s a picnic on your calendar, you can pre-medicate accordingly. Tip: if you want a false positive, set the forecast to whatever city is the most likely to have a high pollen count that day (Try London Ontario).

Who do we thank for this early distant warning system? The lab geeks at Aerobiology Research Laboratories in Ottawa. Thanks! REACTINE should probably get some credit too.

Those of you with an iPhone or iPad, please tell Sinus Sister if it works!

The REACTINE® Allergy Forecast for iPhone is available for free download from the App Store(SM).