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Paul F. Tompkins (Just for Laughs Series)

Sinus Sister has a brush with comic genius


Paul F. Tompkins is known as a comic’s comic [insert eye roll]. That’s one of those compliments bestowed on talented people who don’t care what anyone thinks anyway. Tompkins didn’t cop to being a comic’s comic, but he let me take this photo anyway—mostly because his tie matched the logo.

Off stage, his chit chat is irrepressible. When he’s yucking it up with buddy Greg Proops, he’s unstoppable. Tompkins breezed through Just For Laughs, earning new fans and cementing his reputation as the king of podcasts.

For a full blast of his quirkiness, check out Pod F Tompkast on his blog. The latest podcast, #12, is about Hurt Feelings, Ominous Portents, and Efforts Britishly Redoubled, Chit-Chat Challenge and Little Surfer Southie. My favourite podcast is Episode #9, with guest stars John Hamm and Maya Rudolph.

Greg Proops (Just for Laughs series)

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Sinus Sister celebrity hobnobs.

Podcasting sensation Greg Proops treated audiences to a live taping of his show The Smartest Man in the World at Just for Laughs. Later, he moderated an industry conference on podcasting. Pretty soon, the talk got around to money. Nobody knew how to monetize their podcasts, but everyone was really, really funny about being poor.

Greg Proops at Just For Laughs 2011

Hannibal Buress (Just For Laughs series)

Sinus Sister continues her celebrity hobnobbing…

Celebrity hobnobbing…or celebrity whoring? Either way, Sinus Sister is unashamed. She’s a big fan of Hannibal Buress, who writes for 30 Rock. Most TV viewers love Tracey Jordan’s unedited mind jabber. Yeah, that’s all Hannibal!

Brian Posehn (Just for Laughs series)

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Sinus Sister, starstruck













Some comics stopped tweeting long enough to talk! Thanks Brain Posehn, for being such a droll rascal….and using my last tissue.

Colin Quinn (Just for Laughs series)

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Sinus Sister, starstruck













Colin Quinn charms Montreal at Just for Laughs with his hilarious rant on history–hold the antihistamines. No hay fever here, just tears of laughter.

Alonzo Bodden (Just for Laughs series)

Sinus Sister, starstruck













Alonzo Bodden supports Sinus Sister with a bear hug and a photo op at Just for Laughs. Any sneezing was consensual.

Russell Howard (Just For Laughs series)

Sinus Sister, starstruck










Selling out Wembley Stadium and delighting audiences across the U.K. with his TV show, Russell Howard’s Good News, this guy is all that. This week, Russell launched his new stand-up tour, The Time is Now, at Just for Laughs, where he entertained Sinus Sister with a bit about his hay fever. Priceless.

Rob Corddry (Just for Laughs series)

Sinus Sister, Starstruck….













Rob Corddry thrills Sinus Sister at Just for Laughs, where the buzz is strong about his show Childrens Hospital on Adult Swin Network.

Maz Jobrani (Just For Laughs series)

Comic Maz Jobrani teases Sinus Sister…

I came to Montreal for the “Just For Laughs Comedy Festival” and before I knew it I had requests to be in a documentary about the world’s pickiest eater (who has only eaten 7 things his entire life), another documentary about a French comedian who’s on his way to America to try to get on the late night shows even though he speaks broken English and now to write a blog for a woman who’s quest is to breathe easy…I never knew Montreal was such an eclectic city, but now I do. I assume tomorrow I’ll get a request to perform in a circus act with an Albanian lion tamer who’s trying to work only with vegetarian lions. Or something like that. In the meantime, my message to Sinus Sister, is that I feel your pain sister. Just last year I started getting sinus infections from traveling too much. At first I thought it was because I had a big nose and bad things just happen in big noses. But I soon found out that there’s a number of causes, including being on airplanes, catching colds and not rinsing out my schnoz enough. And so, I now use the NeilMed Sinus Rinse and it seems to work. So there you have it, my contribution to breathing easier. The NeilMed Sinus Rinse! Now excuse me as I’ve gotta go find that lion tamer. How do you say “down boy” in Albanian?

Check out Maz Jobrani hosting The Ethnic Show at Just For Laughs.