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Nadal 1; Sinus Sister 0

SS and Nadal serving

Because it’s unnecessary to write anything about tennis after David Foster Wallace’s hommage to the game in The New York Times, Sinus Sister will just post her pics from The Rogers Cup.

Yep, that’s Nadal on centre court. And that’s Sinus Sister enjoying the largess of the Nespresso VIP box–an excellent location from which to see Nadal prance at the baseline like an angry dressage pony. The only Spaniard with more testosterone was Picasso.

Watching Rafa bury The Other Guy, while sipping her decaf iced mochachino, Sinus Sister was reminded of a great line from Foster Wallace’s article on the limitations of watching tennis on television:

TV tennis is to live tennis pretty much as video porn is to the felt reality of human love.