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Pollinosan (Part 2)

July 15, 2011  |  Drug Reviews  |  ,  |  No Comments

Sinus Sister smites her hay fever.

What’s this? I can breathe before noon? Let me savour the pleasure—air in, air out, mouth closed.  If anything deserves a chest thump, it’s this. Unaided by heavy pharmaceuticals, I was promoted from the lowest caste of society: the mouth breathers. For the last four days, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of nose breathing while eating and kissing and talking on the phone. Pollinosan came through…I think! Maybe these homeopathic pills worked, or maybe the vicissitudes of hay fever finally worked in my favour? And let’s not discount the placebo effect. Either way, I can breathe.

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Review: Pollinosan (tablets)

July 13, 2011  |  Drug Reviews, Reviews  |  ,  |  No Comments

Sinus Sister goes natual

Hell must’ve frozen over, ’cause I’m in a health food store, elbowing past the hippies. What’s that smell? Damp canvas? No, it’s the smell of fear—fear of oxidants. While one customer asks for the acai berries she read about in the New Yorker, another is crowding me out in the hay fever aisle. Yes, there is an entire aisle devoted to sinus sufferers. Who knew? Sinus Sister prefers pharmaceutical solutions, usually, but decided to open her mind to the possibility of more homeopathic relief.

Enter Pollinosan. Straight off, the name makes me cringe: Pollinosan. It’s too clever, by half. At $17.99, it ain’t cheap. The dosage is two pills under the tongue, 15 minutes before meals, three times  a day. The bottle of 120 tablets should last 20 days, assuming I don’t forget a few days, which is unlikely. They don’t smell funny (bonus) and their slidey coating makes them easy to play with under your tongue (double score). Let’s see if they work. Sinus Sister will report back in a few days.