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Lent: Keep Your Chocolate and Wine, but Grant Me One Small Kindness

February 24, 2012  |  Lifestyle  |   |  No Comments

A Lapsed Anglican Leverages Lent


If you are inclined to give something up for Lent, you already have vices on the chopping block. Forget all those. Here’s a direct order from the Department of Human Decency: Stop sniffing. Everyone. Stop. Sniffing. We hear you sniffing on the metro. We hear you in line at the bank. The pharmacy. The supermarket. Your sniffing does not improve the soundtrack at the movies. It does nothing for our appetite at dinner. It ruins a road trip. Stop horking back your snot in public, then looking around helplessly, as if you couldn’t possibly be expected to carry tissues. Here, here are a few of my tissues. Pass them around.