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Nadal 1; Sinus Sister 0

SS and Nadal serving

Because it’s unnecessary to write anything about tennis after David Foster Wallace’s hommage to the game in The New York Times, Sinus Sister will just post her pics from The Rogers Cup.

Yep, that’s Nadal on centre court. And that’s Sinus Sister enjoying the largess of the Nespresso VIP box–an excellent location from which to see Nadal prance at the baseline like an angry dressage pony. The only Spaniard with more testosterone was Picasso.

Watching Rafa bury The Other Guy, while sipping her decaf iced mochachino, Sinus Sister was reminded of a great line from Foster Wallace’s article on the limitations of watching tennis on television:

TV tennis is to live tennis pretty much as video porn is to the felt reality of human love.


DiorShow Backstage Mascara Review

Sinus Sister bats her lashes and hopes for the best.


Hay fever is hell on the eyes, with all that rubbing and watering. Wearing mascara is foolhardy, at best, unless you like that heroin addict look. Yet, I refuse to give up on mascara when I need it most–to distract from my bloodshot eyes. This summer, I’m reclaiming mascara, one tube at a time. Here’s my review of a mascara from Dior called DiorShow Backstage Waterproof Mascara  ($24.50).

Luxury items are vulgar. That’s the hard-working Irish Protestant-Canadian attitude instilled at birth. Defying this childhood conditioning, I finally went upmarket for mascara. At $31 a tube, DiorShow is a “reasonable spend” for most women, but it’s waaaay out of my comfort zone. After a week of testing, it taught me a lesson: pay more, get more. This high-end mascara delivered on its promise for va-va-va-voom lashes. The big brush was a revelation–like the first time I played tennis with an over-sized racket.  The mascara went on velvety thick, with full coverage and little clumping. I repeat “little clumping“, not no clumping. For $31, I don’t want to see a single clump. The wand seemed a bit fragile, so handle it daintily.

Is it well suited for teary-eyed sneezers? Yes. DiorShow is waterproof and not smudgy. It takes work to remove DiorShow, but you can’t expect waterproof mascara to glide off like lipstick. While you may want a more demure mascara for every-day wear, this is perfect for glamour girls who like attracting a little attention.