The Artist: Black & White Film, Scotties Tissue Box Make a Case for Class


Rating: ★★★★★ 

“Colour is so…last year”, thought Sinus Sister, emerging from a post-Oscar party for The Artist. It’s impossible to see this film and not want to take tap dancing lessons. But before I gush about the charm and grace in this silent film, FULL DISCLOSURE: Sinus Sister is “romantically linked” (wink) to the first cousin of the The Artist‘s director/writer, Michel Hazanavicius, but nobody put me up to this review. Michel hardly needs the endorsement of a small-time blogger when he has Harvey Weinstein in his corner. The Artist debuted at Cannes, where it was robbed of the Palme d’Or. Film critics loved pulling for this underdog entry, a clever homage to the silent era in our over-stimulated culture. With only a film score to highlight the action, Hazanavicius tells the tale of a washed-up silent movie star (Jean Dujardin) and the upstart actress (Bérénice Bejo) who brings him back to life.

Why see a silent film: for the unexpected sound gags

Who to take: someone on a first date

Who we loved: Bérénice Bejo, who is all moxy with no mugging

What we didn’t miss: colour

What we wanted afterward: elbow-length gloves

Inspired by the film’s classy black and white palette, Sinus Sister banished all Christmas-sy tissue boxes from the house except one—the seasonal two-ply penguin design by Scotties. It’s understated yet grand, somehow, just like The Artist. Now, let me practice pulling off my long gloves, tugging on one finger (tug) at (tug) a (tug) time (tug).



  1. I’ve been hearing quite a lot about this film. And if you say it’s that good- I’m THERE.

    p.s. From what I understand, I can’t imagine this film receiving anything other than a “G” rating… but do you think kids will like it? (Starting from what age, do you think?)

  2. Good question, Daddio. I’d bring tweens and teens, but probably not much younger than 10 years old. Older kids will love it!

  3. Where did you find the penguin boxes? As an avowed chromaphobe (I both fear and hate colour) I looked everywhere for those da** things. Could. Not. Find.

    And hooray to the family for the Oscar win. And the Cesars. And the Baftas. And the Golden Globes. Amazing.

    • Liza (Is that pronounced Leeza or Liza (Manelli)? :)
      You are TOO KIND. One year later, it won’t be helpful to tell you I found the box at a Jean Coutu pharmacy in Quebec. But now I have a mission: find Liza a chromaphobe’s ideal tissue box!

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